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We're talking about the many ways real parents can use Hand in Hand Parenting tools and what that looks like day to day, at your house and at our houses too.

Feb 19, 2019

Three little words with such immense power. Following on from last week's podcast on children with anger, this week Elle and Abigail suss out why it feels so bad to hear "I hate you," and the many ways you can respond.

Elle talks about the different reasons she hears "I hate you," both in anger and as connection...

Feb 12, 2019

This week Abigail and Elle respond to a mom who is Staylistening to her child, but never sees tears. Worse, it seems to her that the more she leans in to listen to her child's feelings, the more her child gets angry, starts scowling and tries running away. How can she listen to anger?

angry girl scowling

So, this week we're asking...

Jan 29, 2019

This week Elle and Abigail finally meet face-to-face! No wonder they felt inspired to make this podcast.

"It takes a village," so the old proverb says, and anyone who tunes into our podcast for parents often knows that this is all too true. In fact, it's the reason we made the podcast - to share a weekly space for...

Jan 28, 2019

This week, Abigail and Elle respond to a listener who has a 5-year-old picky eater. How can she get her to eat more than a few reliable meals?

Elle talks about her own process parenting her picky eater, including how she discovered that a good, workable solution was as much about her as it was her child.

small boy is upset about eating the food in front of him


Jan 22, 2019

Does it seem like one minute you were waiting for your baby to take its first steps, and now you are watching him or her as a tween march out the door, bursting with independence? Worries about tantrums and them sleeping through the night long ago given way to conversations (and concern) over mobile phones and...