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We're talking about the many ways real parents can use Hand in Hand Parenting tools and what that looks like day to day, at your house and at our houses too.

Sep 10, 2019

Coping with divorce?

When today’s guest, instructor Kristen Zuzek Volk, found Hand in Hand, she’d almost written off a loving relationship with her daughter.

After divorcing, her two kids were screaming, crying and acting out, her daughter sometimes for nine hours a day.

Coping? Not really.

Kristen was hard on them, and harder on herself.

Even therapy didn’t work, so a parenting philosophy like Hand in Hand was the last thing she thought would help.

She was wrong. 

Find Peace in Your Parenting After Divorce

Hand in Hand’s tools brought dramatic change to Kristen's family. She learned how to see through her kids' “crazy” behavior to the deep hurt causing it, and she found she could heal that hurt using the tools.

Today her kids are teens.

And they are also a tight, bonded, happy unit.

If you’re coping with life after divorce, find out how you can use the tools to reach your kids. How to hold them. Anchor them.

Learn how Kristen dealt with custody transitions, differing parenting styles, and upsets that came with separation.

And learn how she navigated Special Time and Staylistening as a single parent.

If you are separated or divorced, if you are co-parenting or raising your kids mostly on your own,  if you feel isolated, or live with a partner whose parenting style is drastically different to yours, there's support for you in this week’s podcast.

Listen to How to Keep Your Family Strong and Loving after Divorce. 

More Resources for Parenting After Separation or Divorce

Helping Children with Divorce or Separation is a wonderful resource.

If you loved Kristen's reminder to herself "Do you want to do this the easy way or the hard way," print this poster for your fridge. (Wait! You're a dad? Then you'll want this copy!). 

There are 12 Books for Children Dealing With Divorce here

Work with Kristen

Kristen Zuzek Volk is based in Colorado and works with parents in person and online. You can email Kristen directly here.