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We're talking about the many ways real parents can use Hand in Hand Parenting tools and what that looks like day to day, at your house and at our houses too.

Apr 24, 2018

Have you ever felt bound by the need to be consistent in your parenting, and then felt the failure when you couldn't be?

We're often told that when we are consistent around schedules, eating, playing, tidying, sleeping, then all will run smooth. Yet, so often that isn't what we see. And that can feel mighty stressful! We fight and cajole to keep consistent, but we often see anger flare and tears. Precisely the opposite of the ideal we were trying to uphold!

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A New Approach to Parenting Consistently

This week Elle and Abigail explore the idea of letting go of consistency of action in favor of consistency of connection. Of looking beyond what's not happening to why it's not happening, and then treading a new path.

Find the Resources We Talk About

Here's the article Elle mentions: How to Help Your Child Sleep Through the Night

This self-guided course, Helping Your Child Sleep, gives you support and strategies when all those rules you read about consistency around bedtime just don't seem work.

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