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Oct 21, 2018

To celebrate the year since the Hand in Hand Parenting podcast launched - and the treat it's been connecting with a quarter of a million parents all over the globe - Abigail and Elle ring in their one year anniversary with a reprisal of their first episode - handling the Halloween horrors.

That's right - from costume fears and trick or treat overwhelm to sugar highs and candy battles, this episode covers handling the behavioral bumps on Halloween night.

Abigail shares what happens to a child’s brain when they are melting down, and how to respond to children in a way that supports their emotional development. She introduces two parenting tools called Staylistening and Playlistening that help parents avoid having to yell, bribe or take sides, and allows for a peaceful resolution.

Whether this is your first time listening, or you were with us that first time around - we hope you enjoy this episode on handling bumpy behaviors on Halloween.

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More Resources for Halloween

Elle mentions two additional resources in the show:

And you can get a free guide here on Surviving Sibling Rivalry – Every parent with more than one child needs this!

Listen to The Great Halloween Candy Fight now

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