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We're talking about the many ways real parents can use Hand in Hand Parenting tools and what that looks like day to day, at your house and at our houses too.

Jun 12, 2019

Read on to learn why it pays to keep positive with your kids

boy looking at his parent

"Last cookie," you say, lightly.

"No." Your son says. Then he stuffs the cookie into his mouth, grabs three more and runs from the room. 

You're just about to charge from the kitchen in a chase when your eyes fall on another set of eyes.

Your younger...

Jun 5, 2019

The baby woke at 4am.Parents get support in listening time

His brother just 45 minutes later.

Since then you’ve been puked on, drawn on, and changed three diapers. You burnt a bagel and your kid tipped his cereal over in a rage. Now the baby is screaming because he’s hungry and your son is pulling at your pants leg because he wants to play.

Oh yeah....

May 28, 2019

The last time you asked them to tidy their crayons, they smashed the whole box on the floor and ripped up the color sheet.

You have to psyche yourself up when you need them to turn off the TV, because…BOOM! Epic meltdown.

Forget about asking for a hug. Your child wriggles away from your hand on his shoulder.


May 22, 2019

sad girl cuddling toy

Do you know how bad your child feels when they mess up?

They may look angry. They may look amused. They may show bravado.

But in every kid that messes up is a pit of shame, sadness, confusion and doubt about their own self-worth.

How do we know? Because aren't those the exact same feelings we adults feel when...

May 16, 2019

How do you make like Meghan Markle and stand strong when you face loud and opposing opinions on how you *should be* raising your child?

Mom not listening to criticism

Meghan and Harry have broken many a protocol since bringing royal baby Archie into the world, from not using the royal family's preferred hospital to Harry holding Archie at a...