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We're talking about the many ways real parents can use Hand in Hand Parenting tools and what that looks like day to day, at your house and at our houses too.

Apr 12, 2019

This week Abigail and Elle respond to a mom who feels like she sees power struggles, aggression and kickback when she's parenting the way she wants to, and compliance only once she gets mad.

Are her efforts to parent kindly back-firing? And why would that be?

On the podcast this week we talk about:

  • What to...

Apr 10, 2019

You know about setting warm limits: Moving in calmly when you need to stop a behavior, but what happens when it feels like there is no chance to keep calm?

Like, your child is about to stick their finger in the power socket. Or dashes out across a busy street. Then how do you set a warm limit then?

On the...

Apr 3, 2019

Where does the need to be competitive come from and why does it rub us parents up the wrong way? This week Abigail and Elle respond to one mom about her son's competitive streak.

On Help! My Kid Keeps Bragging we talk about:

  • Is your child's competitive streak signalling some other need?
  • Competitiveness and...